Pack 89 CubMobile Notes

08-Jan-2022 10:09 AM

CubMobile Notes
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2022 29th annual Cubmobile


1) Tour Plans - required for each unit

2) Teams NOT registered by the deadline posted will not race this year. Payment is required at time of registration. Forms must be legible. Print in block letters. We must be able to read the names, etc.

3) Additional information on how race is run:


bulletVisitor/Participant parking in designated areas only!
bulletAny canopies, umbrellas, or other shade controlling items must be secured with extra weight at each leg. It's a windy area. Safety First!
bulletOne race car for each Team
bulletMinimum 4 racers per Team - combine your scouts to make this happen
bulletEach Scout drives once in each of two lanes
bulletEach Scout pushes once in each of two lanes
bulletThere will be an adult monitor for staging cars to race - no crowded lines - If your car is not ready it will be taken out of line and the next available car will race.
bulletTimes are recorded and Pack/Team times are averaged to get standing
bulletTimes are recorded by the number assigned on the Scouts tag, not the Scout's name
bulletIf a Scout is listed as having two times recorded, no further times will be accepted
bulletThis is regardless of which lane the times were recorded from
bulletIf a Scout only records one time in the race, his time will be discarded as if he didn't race at all
bulletIf a Scout runs his Cubmobile off the track, the time is still running
bulletThe Scout and his Cubmobile should continue the race from where he left the track to the finish line (time keeps running)
bulletIf a Cubmobile has any safety equipment failure during racing the car should be repaired before others use it
bulletAny Special Needs will be accommodated in keeping with the tenants of BSA. Please indicate these needs when registering your Scout, not on race day. It is harder to accommodate these cases on short notice.
bulletEvery effort will be extended to allow every Scout to race
bulletNo Den Chiefs or Boy Scouts are to participate as pushers or drivers
bulletThis is for registered Cub Scouts only



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