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Training On-Line

Downloadable Forms (in .pdf format)

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Reimbursement Voucher
Scout Account Withdrawal Slip
Permission Slip
Internet release Form
Financial Assistance Form and Shouldice Fund Detail
Scout Account Transfer to Troop (for crossover)
Request for Funds
Den helps from 1999 PowWow - the best one ever!
Blue & Gold
Edible Crafts
Knife Safety
Pack Finance
Tie Slides
Webelos Fun
Webelos Outdoors
Other Helps
How to Build an Electric Motor


Scout Accounts   
Activity Payments  
Shouldice Fund Detail
Treasurers' Duties

Notes on Cubmobile

1) Tour Plan - required for each unit

2) Additional information on how race is run

Each Scout drives once in each of two lanes
Each Scout pushes once in each of two lanes

Times are recorded and Pack/Den times are averaged to get standing
Times are recorded by the number assigned on the Scouts tag, not the Scout's name

If a Scout is listed as having two times recorded, no further times will be accepted
This is regardless of which lane the times were recorded from

If a Scout only records one time in the race, his time will be discarded as if he didn't race at all

If a Scout runs his Cubmobile off the track, the time is still running
The Scout and his Cubmobile should continue the race from where he left the track to the end

Any Special Needs will be accommodated in keeping with the tenants of BSA
Please indicate these needs when registering your Scout, not on race day
It is harder to accommodate these cases on short notice
Every effort will be extended to allow every Scout to race

No Den Chiefs or Boy Scouts are to participate as pushers or drivers
This is for registered Cub Scouts only

Committee Meetings are usually the second Wednesday of each month - see Up Coming Events for schedule

District Roundtables
Roundtables are designed for all unit leaders - Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, Den leaders, Webelos den leaders, pack and troop committee members, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Varsity Scout Coaches, and Venturing Crew leaders. The monthly get together, specific for each Scouting program, provides leaders with the skills, techniques, information, program ideas, and the know how that make for successful unit operation. Learning is largely done through participation. The roundtable also provides information and updates on upcoming district and council events.

Roundtables will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at:
East Granby Congregational Church, UCC
9 Rainbow Rd.  (Rte 20)
East Granby, CT 06026

Links of Value

bulletU.S. Scouting Service Project - Anything and everything you could ever want for
Scouting information!
bulletMacScouter - More Help Stuff for Scouting
bulletCT Rivers Council
bullet The Cub Leaders Virtual Handbook
bullet Pinewood Derby Car Guide
bullet A Complete Guide to Model Aircraft

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