2010 Webelos Klondike


Saturday, February 6th

On Saturday, February 6th,  the Webelos (boys in 4th and 5th grade) from EW Pack 89 got together with 6 other area packs to celebrate the Klondike Derby at the Scout Hall on Abbe Road. This was an amazing event for all who attended, although the weather was cold, we had hot soup, cocoa, coffee and a fire going on all day to help keep everyone warm.

In these pictures you can see the boys learning how to tie various knots, ready man first aid to a young lady's leg, they learned to prepare a fire, learned how to change a tire on a bicycle with a spoon, make a light bulb from a flashlight light up with a circuit board, they learned how to set up a safe camp in the woods, learned how to make a bear bag to hang in the trees to keep food and trash safe, and learned how to respect the woods. At the end all of the boys raced their sleds against each other. Additionally each group had to make a dessert, in a dutch oven on an open fire and my son's group made "ewy gooey chewy brownies". The winner of the dessert contest was the group who made the cherry cobbler.

The leaders of EW Pack 89 did a tremendous job in organizing this event.












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